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Meet our generous sponsors, community SUPPORTERS, & PANDEMIC PARTNERS!!



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A special thank you to Brad Gamson with America's Finest 360.

We are proud to work with Brad for our 360 tours included with our Sensory Guides!

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America's Finest 360 is your Google Virtual Tour photographer.

We photograph 360 virtual tours for Google and Google Maps

business listings. These 360 virtual tours increase engagement,

conversions and organic ranking in Google and Google Maps. 

With over 500 Google 360 Virtual Tours published, 6 years in 

business and many industries photographed, we know what 

people are looking for when they find you on Google and 

Google Maps.

Thank you!

pandemic partners

a special THANK YOU to our partners who have donated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

your support during this time helps keep the sensory community connected during quarantine!

Maura McCarthy-Sakhakorn

Kirstin Williams

Noelle Sisneros

Holly Russell

Nerea Woods

Anel Ibarra

Colleen McCarthy-Evans

Shayna McCarthy

Angie Lee

Kiran & Kajal Shelat

Patricia Morgan

Etching Expressions!

Thank you!

community partners

Rachelle G.

Colleen M.

Aaron S.

Monica M.

Kirstin W.

Mary & Brian M.

Patrice M.

The Dodge Family

The Hair Room

Park Avenue West Consulting

Drew McGill Photography

America's Finest 360

Studio Palma

Thank you!

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